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Anal Glands:

Getting to the "Bottom" of

Your Pet's Itch

Should a groomer routinely express your dog's anal glands?

You might suspect your dog (or cat) has impacted anal glands because it is 'scooting' its bottom on the carpet or the grass. But if you notice excessive licking, discharge or frequent urination, the problem may be related to the urinary tract or reproductive system and not the anal sacs at all.

When your pet is at the veterinarian for a regular check-up, the examination should include a look at the animal’s anal area. Your groomer should always take a peak under the tail, too! With her extensive experience as an Animal Care Aid at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital in Courtenay, Leanne Robinson can tell when a routine anal gland expression will do the trick and when your pet may require medical attention.

While it is important to watch your pet’s bottom for signs of distress, a veterinarian or groomer should not express the anal sacs as a routine procedure. Only if there seems to be a problem do they warrant further attention.

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