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Yes! We can trim your

bird's nails, wings and beaks too!

Polly wants a nail trim!

Sometimes, due to dietary and health reasons, parrots need a helping hand with trimming of their nails and beaks.

With her many years experience in the pet industry, Leanne is able to offer beak and nail trimming for birds. She also offers wing trimming, to prevent your bird from getting too much air in the house or to allow them to be outside under supervision, without the stress of them flying away or wandering off.

Owners are usually required to stay during appointment to help restrain and keep their bird calm during the appointment.

  • All equipment is sterilized between appointments
  • A high quality dremel tool is used for beak trimming and, if necessary, toe nails too.
  • Bird appointments are booked and scheduled when there is least amount of traffic through the salon, to keep the stress factor to a minimum.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule an appointment for your feathered friend.
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