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Geriatric Dogs:

Taking extra special care to 

accomodate special needs

Any dog over seven years of age is considered to be geriatric and special considerations should be made to address their individual health challenges.

Please advise us of any known health issues with your geriatric canine, so that we may ensure your senior pet always has a positive grooming experience.

We provide extra T.L.C. for senior pets!

  • Our bathtub has a walk-up ramp, to make is easy to get large dogs in and out of the tub without lifting
  • The height of our hydraulic grooming table is easy to adjust, to ensure comfort for both the groomer and the dog
  • Non-skid surfaces are used in the bathtub and on the grooming table
  • Dogs are groomed as gently and efficiently as possible, to minimize stress and time spent on the table
  • We take extra precautions to check for bumps, lumps and skin tags, and will advise you if we see anything that requires veterinary attention
  • If required, we offer 'comfort clips' to help keep your dog coat clean of feces and urine
  • We allow old dogs to lie down on the grooming table and have frequent rest periods, to ease stress on arthritic joints
  • For deeply matted coats, shaving, rather than de-matting and brushing out, may be warranted.
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