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Routine Grooming:

All ages, all breeds,

all coat types

Whether your dog needs a simple bath, brush and nail trim, or requires extensive grooming, we have the equipment and skills to make him (or her) look and feel great! 

An investment in your dog's health

Because a groomer works so closely with your dog they can often spot problems which warrant further veterinary treatment before they become too severe. The standard trip to the groomer includes a nail clipping, a look inside the ears, at the teeth and a thorough examination of the skin.

While it should NEVER be a substitute for an annual trip to the veterinarian, your groomer is able to spot such things as bad teeth, abscesses, ear infections, lumps and skin allergies, which you may not even know exist.

Routine, proper grooming helps your dog keep cool in the summer and warmer in the winter due to the undercoat most dogs have. If your dog has a continuous growing coat, keeping on a regular grooming routine will prevent from matting and skin discomfort. Speak with your groomer and ask what they would recommend for regular grooming appointments. Depending on the hair style your wanting to achieve, our groomers will give you their honest opining. We strongly believe in humanity over vanity when it comes to matting and discomfit. All of us at Dodge City Grooming salon want to keep your pets coming back with tails wagging and kisses given. Our job as your groomers is to provide your pet with a great hair cut in a comfortable, clean environment.

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