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Nice things our clients

say about us!

"Our English Springer Spaniel visited Leanne [at dodge city Grooming] this morning all nervous and shivering (and very much in need of a grooming). She was cuddled and welcomed gently. When I returned to pick her up, she was relaxed and happy and looked beautiful. We will definitely be back. thanks Leanne to you and your assistant. And thanks, too, for fitting us in following a cancellation."

J.C. on Google Review

"We are sooo happy that we found you to groom our dogs. They are both quite nervous little fellas and always come home calm and looking so very handsome! Thanks for being so kind and doing a great job grooming them."

S.W. on Facebook

"I finally found a someone to bath and brush my old cat, Ricky. While he was not too impressed with being bathed by the lovely and talented Leanne from Dodge City Grooming Salon in Cumberland, I sure was! Her home-based facility is exceptionally clean and well set up and she is great with the animals. I highly recommend her for dog and cat grooming!"

T.P. on Facebook

"Oreo looked amazing after [her appointment at Dodge City Grooming]! It was absolutely incredible! We thought she might have to lose all her hair with the mats in it but Leanne was able to keep it and turn it back to its luxurious fluffy self. And the smell! It was so wonderful! It was a great grooming job!"

J.F. on Facebook

"I can't express how grateful I am to Leanne at Dodge city grooming salon. She took my old girl in when she had a cancelation. After becoming sick myself I couldn't groom my girl in months and she had bad matting and her and my health problems getting the better of both of us. It took 2 hours in the hands of Leanne and Sidney (Cocker spaniel ) came out looking like a million bucks and jumping around as if she was a puppy. Best money I have ever spent and I will continue to keep going to Leanne every time Sidney needs a trim"

J.S. on Facebook

"My poor Kessler (cat) was so horribly matted, as he gets every year with his ridiculous amounts of fur, I contacted this groomer to shave him. He is a great temperament, but still, you are shaving a cat! LOL! Leanne was super friendly took a few minutes to greet and familiarize herself with Kessler, then I left and She had him done in 20 minutes and we were out the door! I'm sure Kessler is super happy to be mat-free!"

S.T. on Facebook

"Absolutely amazed. We own five dogs all of them seem to have their own challenges when it comes to the grooming department. From three little white dogs to a Shepard x and an Elkhound that HATES water. They all look amazing!! Oh and did I mention they are all farm dogs lol it was so nice to see the white again instead of brown in my wee babes. lLOL!"

T.M. on Facebook

"You did an amazing job on Diesel. He is a special case with a unique cut for his breed and he has never looked better, The care and patience you took showed. He was so excited to show me his new do and bow tie. It has been a while since he was that happy at a groomers. Thank you again for your time, my dude rocks."

B.D.S. on Facebook

"Big shout out to the lovely and talented Leanne. She took on the challenge of two big farm dogs and they came out looking like show dogs - not an easy feat. Full of patience and kindness to an old geezer and a young pup. Thank you from Dougal and Rosie and especially me!!"

C.F. on Facebook

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