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Comfort Grooming

the Geriatric Cat

With advanced veterinary medical care, improvements in feline nutrition, and more cats being kept as strictly indoor pets, many cats today live well into their late teens.

One of the first signs of aging in a cat - whether it is long-haired or short-haired - is that it may be unable to properly groom itself. This causes the hair to become greasy-looking and matted. As the condition worsens, your cat will become increasingly uncomfortable.

At Dodge City Grooming, we like to help cat parents ensure their feline friends lead long and happy lives by providing grooming services for all ages and stages of life.

As a general rule, we don't recommend routinely shaving your young cat, but for geriatric cats, sometimes a 'comfort clip' is required because your cat may no longer be able to clean herself.

Your older cat may need professional grooming because:

  • The skin of an older cat is thinner and less elastic, has reduced blood circulation, and is more prone to infection.
  • Older cats groom themselves less effectively than do younger cats, sometimes resulting in hair matting, skin odour, and inflammation.
  • The claws of aging felines are often overgrown, thick, and brittle.
  • Dental disease is extremely common in older cats and can hinder eating and cause significant pain.
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