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Should You Shave

Your Cat?

At Dodge City Grooming, we recommend that you practice 'preventative grooming', rather than wait until your cat is severely matted and needs to be shaved.

Your cat's coat acts as insulation, keeping her cool in summer and warm in winter. When you routinely shave her, it is more difficult for her to regulate her body temperature. Yes, shaving will prevent some hairballs, but so does regular brushing!

A cat's skin is very thin, so please don't try shaving your cat at home! Their skin is easily nicked and one slip of the razor can be disastrous.

If your cat is severely matted or is exceptionally difficult to handle, a mild sedation may be required. In these instances, Dodge City Grooming recommends that you book an appointment at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, and Leanne can perform the grooming under the care of a veterinary medical team.

Medical reasons that warrant shaving your cat:

  • It requires a medical procedure, such as an ultrasound or surgery.
  • It has skin problems, and removing some of all of the hair will allow medications to be more effective.
  • The cat is very old, obese or has a physical impairment (such as arthritis) that makes it difficult or impossible for the cat to clean herself. A 'sanitary clip' of the cat's bottom and the hair on the back legs may help.
  • If the cat is severely matted and the matts can not be removed without causing considerable distress.
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