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Cat Grooming:

All ages, all breeds

One of the reasons cats are so popular as pets is because they are generally fastidiously clean animals. While they seem to do a great job of self-grooming and will seldom break litter-tray habits, they do need help from their owners.

Regular at-home grooming reduces shedding, helps prevent hairballs and keeps your cat looking (and feeling) its best!

If you start when your cat is young, grooming will become a pleasurable experience for both of you. Not only that, it helps reduce the incidence of hairballs (loose hairs ingested by the cat as a result of routine self-grooming). Hairballs can't be digested, and may be eliminated in the cat's stool or, more commonly vomited up in conspicuous places.

Weekly at-home grooming and the occasional dose of hairball treatment are the only ways you can reduce hairballs. This is especially important with longhaired breeds. If not properly groomed, long-haired cats will also develop matts. If the matts are very close to the skin they are impossible to remove without shaving. Matts can also be painful and cause a variety of health problems including: dry itchy skin, rashes, infected flea bites, hot spots, or abscesses, all of which will require veterinary medical treatment.

Dodge City Grooming's Basic Cat Bath & Brush

Long-haired cats, like the Maine coon pictured above, will greatly benefit from a professional grooming at least twice a year. At Dodge City Grooming, we take pride in our ability to work with cats and know that working quickly and efficiently is the key to a successful grooming experience - for both cat and cat owner!

  • Our grooming salon is small, so cats don't feel overwhelmed and are more comfortable
  • We do our best to ensure there are no dogs in the salon when cats are in for grooming
  • To ensure their safety and prevent escape, cats are harnessed before going to the washing station
  • We work as quickly as possible, taking breaks as required, to reduce your cat's stress

To prevent accidental escape when transporting your cat to the grooming salon, please use a sturdy cat carrier.

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